When most people think about the benefits of regularly taking a Zumba class, they think of torching calories, cardiovascular & muscle conditioning, stress relief, and having fun in the party-like atmosphere..but let’s zero in on one of the mental benefits..Confidence.

While it may be obvious that mastering moves and choreography, or dancing in a group setting may boost confidence in class, let’s look into it one step further.

Let’s pretend it’s your first class and you’re a bit nervous. The instructor walks to the front of the room, the music starts, & -oh boy, here we go!!- sweaty palms & all. Fast forward a few classes later…”this isn’t so bad, why did I wait so long to take my first class?! This is FUN!” Bam! Through each of those classes, that confidence “muscle” was growing. You may even find yourself moving “your spot” closer to the front of the class. But wait! How about each time the instructor presents a new song with new choreography? Yet again, rising to the challenge & working through it helps that self confidence keep growing. Wonderful, right? Here’s where things get interesting.. Many people don’t realize that that self confidence carries over to other areas of their lives. Many of my own students have told me through the years that “taking Zumba classes gave them the confidence to [try something new; become an instructor; change careers; apply for their dream job; & more]!” When we regularly practice stepping out of our comfort zones & work through our fears, each time our courage grows and we build the confidence to do it again. This is how we grow ourselves & reach our higher potential. So, be sure to keep Zumba classes on your weekly schedule; it’s a serious confidence booster!!