Recreational Hip Hop

Get a sneak peek view of a Studio MB Hip Hop class!

Learn to pop and lock it to some of the hottest beats in the music industry! Preparing for a dance competition may not be your cup of tea, or maybe you just love to dance for fun. Perhaps you’re looking to learn how to dance, but aren’t sure where to get started, or looking to perfect your skills. Either way, Recreational Hip Hop is designed just for you! This 4 week class is for anyone looking to learn how to dance (hip hop) in a relaxed, easy-to-learn environment, improve coordination, learn new skills, brush up on old dance moves, get in shape, and most of all…have fun!!

WHEN: Thursdays from February 11th to March 3rd
TIME: 7:30pm-8:30pm

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**Note: This class is recommended for ages 8 to adult. For Jr Hip Hop, please click here.

**Warning: Be aware that some of the lyrics of the songs that may/may not be used in this class could be suggestive or slightly explicit. Studio MB’s full intention is to use the “cleanest” music possible. However, this is sometimes difficult to achieve. (Music used in our Jr Hip Hop class will always be kid friendly).