Studio MB workout

Don’t underestimate the power of interval training


A common misconception is that an individual should exercise as hard and fast as they can, steadily for a certain amount of time (say, 60 minutes), to get a “good” workout in. This is simply not true.

Truth is, interval training burns up to 9 times more calories than other forms of steady-paced exercise. This is why most classes at Studio MB are centered around interval-style training. Yup, that includes Zumba. Interval training is the alternating between high and low intensity exercise. Think intervals. For example, a runner may sprint, then walk, sprint, then walk.

In brief, here’s why it’s so effective..

While you’re working hard enough to push the body into the anaerobic zone (when talking becomes difficult), the body uses stored energy. In exchange for that energy, the body builds up what’s called lactic acid, which causes fatigue. During those rest periods, or periods of low intensity, the body has a chance to take in more oxygen and break down lactic acid, thus giving you that “extra burst of energy”. Repeat this process and you’ll build your stamina & kick your body’s repair cycle into hyperdrive. This means that you continue to burn more calories in the 24 hour period following your interval training workout than you would doing a steady-paced workout.

While it may feel like you’re slacking by taking those lower-intensity rest periods, trust that they’re necessary to complete the energy cycle in interval training and improve overall performance.

Happy Exercising!