Help From clutter

Stress, chaos, work, stress, chaos, work.. The never-ending cycle. Your head swarms with millions of thoughts each minute every hour, your anxiety & stress goes through the roof. You have so many tasks to do, do so much, and yet…nothing really gets done. Why is that? How do we do so much without being truly productive?

Behind The Chaos

When you have a full plate, why is it that your memory and ability to filter information becomes clouded? When we are so overwhelmed with all we have going on, we cannot maintain balance & productivity. Brain clutter, or physical clutter even, can have a negative impact on your ability to focus and process information. When a variety of multiple thoughts and tasks are running through your mind all at once, your brain begins dividing up its power, thus sending your productivity level for each task down the drain. True “multitasking” behavior is not humanly possible. It’s not. What we are really doing when we multitask, is simply jumping between tasks back and forth rapidly, and not with 100% effort, either.

I’ve literally spent hours thinking about this. Pondering, praying, researching. I couldn’t figure out how on earth I could realistically clear my mind when my days are balancing my time as a stay home mom, running errands, scrambling to and from Zumba® classes, and running my business? I feel the answer finally hit me. I’m going to share with you a few tips I’ve been using to successfully get rid of brain clutter!


Physical Health

We sometimes overlook that the brain is a delicate organ, and a physical part of our body. It is crucial that you keep your body in a healthy state to allow the brain to function properly. This means regular physical activity, eating right, getting plenty of sleep. I’ve also noticed benefits from scheduling periods of meditation, such as yoga.

Your Outlook

You know that saying you’ve heard thousands of times, “attitude is everything”? Well, they weren’t kidding. Negativity brings chaos and confusion, stealing productivity and a clear state of mind away from you. Put your surroundings and circumstances “in check”, and strive to always think positive. Look for the good in negative situations.

Save it For Later

“Put away” those distracting thoughts and direct your focus to the task at hand. When thoughts of other tasks keep bombarding your thought process, take a quick moment to:

  • Take a deep breath (sometimes a few may be necessary!)
  • Write down the upcoming task(s) that your brain won’t let you forget, and put it away for later
  • you can also do this by setting a reminder or typing yourself a note on your computer or smart phone

This helps satisfy the brain by “physically” placing the task somewhere for later, giving your brain permission to temporarily forget it.


Clearing your mind is a skill that takes work. Like any other skill, it takes practice. Don’t get flustered and expect 100% results the first time. Be patient, and keep trying! You can do it!


These simple tips have really changed my outlook, and help me keep my mind away from clutter overload. I hope the help you, too! If you have any other strategies or tips you’ve found to be successful at clearing out brain clutter, type them in the comment box below! I’d love to hear from you!

Happy thinking,

Miranda Contreras-Bulgin
Studio MB