What to do when you feel stuck

We’ve all been there..feeling downright uncomfortable when needing to “step up” and step out of our comfort zones. It’s no lie that outside of our comfort zone is where the magic happens, but what about dealing with that horrible unpleasant feeling that tries to convince us not to do so? That same feeling that prevents so many from disregarding what others think of us for being ourselves, from taking that next step to climb the ladder of success, or from having that conversation we’ve been avoiding with a certain person. The discomfort and fear that keeps us down, in the same schedule, the same comfortable routine. Sure, in order to be different we have to change and DO something different, but so many don’t. It’s easier to stay where they are, “stuck” or not. The problem is, do nothing, and stay comfortable, and it will get worse as you get older. Ever seen an elderly person refuse to do something simple like going out for dinner because it “isn’t their normal”? The good news is, you don’t have to be or become that person. YOU can continue to grow by conquering the fear of trying new things, or stepping out of your comfort zone.

Getting through fear requires action. The quicker you take action, the better. Chosing not to take action only builds anticipation, and increases the fear. So, close your eyes and just do it. If you can’t yet get to that big task, start small. The more you practice stepping out of your comfort zone and work through your fears, the easier it becomes. While I can’t promise that the uncomfortable feeling of trying something new will ever completely go away, you’ll be able to push through it a lot easier.

Lastly, whenever you’re feeling uncomfortable, or even nervous, be sure to give yourself a pep talk. Never think about all that could possibly go wrong. Look yourself in the mirror and talk about your good qualities, and how you CAN get through this thing, successfully.

Try something new that you’ve always wanted to do.. I DARE you! 😉


Miranda Contreras-Bulgin






-Miranda Contreras-Bulgin