It’s not so much about how well you do it, but how it makes you feel.

Do you enjoy your workout? Because that’s all that matters. Period. 

Happy Class

Still not convinced to try that new class or activity? Maybe you’ve tried it and felt like you stood out like a sore thumb. Just ask yourself one question.. How did that class or activity make you feel? Regardless of how uncoordinated or inexperienced you felt at it, if you were the only one there, would you have enjoyed yourself? Be honest here.. If the answer is yes, then stop everything you’re doing and listen up! I mean it!!

For the duration of that class or activity, its all about YOU. No one else. Sure it may be a bit uncomfortable stepping out of your comfort zone at first, but that’s where the magic happens. No lie.

With all of that stress you endure week after week, you owe your body a break. Think about all of those responsibilities you have in one week’s time. Better yet, write them down. Now, why in the world would you allow your fears of what someone else may think of you in YOUR class to unwind and relieve all that stress prevent you from going? It’s crazy!! You deserve better for yourself, to give to yourself.

Let all that garbage go out the window about what other’s think, or how terrible you may be at that class or activity. Every expert in anything was once a beginner. When you go to a class for the first time, don’t pick out the most seasoned participant to judge yourself by. Don’t even pay attention to anyone else’s skill level. If you have to, pretend you are the only one in that room with the instructor, and block everyone else out. This is YOUR time, so be sure to focus on YOU. Once you can master that, you’ll feel a HUGE weight lifted off your shoulders and truly enjoy the class. Stop putting yourself down by comparing yourself to others. It’s high time you do YOU, and only you. Look at YOUR OWN progress, but don’t obsess over the statistics, either. Just keep going. Keep moving forward. We are all special in that we all have OUR OWN TIME to shine. Stop beating yourself up about being good enough. If you enjoy that yoga class, then DO IT. If you’d like to give bellydancing a try, don’t hold back.

Let me tell you a little secret from an instructor’s view.. No one cares about you missing that step. No one is staring at your every move waiting to laugh and make fun of you; they don’t have time. AND NO ONE IS PERFECT! Even as the instructor, I regularly mess up things I’ve practiced hundreds of times. Ask anyone who’s taken a handful of classes with me..they’ll tell you. I’m lucky to make it through one Zumba class without completely messing up or forgetting choreography in at least one or two songs. But I’ve learned something: NO ONE CARES! If anything, laughing at myself or making a joke out of it makes the class more fun, and more REALISTIC. We are all human & all bleed red last time I checked. We all mess up, and that’s part of what makes classes so fun. It is a healthy challenge to the brain, and fun experience. Literally. Those feel-good endorphins released during exercise have your back! 😉

Bottom line: DON’T EVER be too embarrassed to try something new.. and #2, if you ENJOY IT, no matter how terrible you may think you are at it, walk with confidence and DO IT ANYWAY.  Life is too short not to. #NoRegrets



Miranda Purple Ztop






Miranda Contreras-Bulgin
Owner & Founder of Studio MB