​WARNING: If you get offended when someone vents or says what they mean and means what they say, please don’t read this post.
There comes a point when we have to stop being a victim & a target. If there’s anything I can’t stand, it’s seeing people get pitched and lied to, and taken advantage of. “Buy this magic solution kit for just $350 and be the best, sexiest version of you in just 2-3 weeks!” Seriously?! It makes me want to throw up when I see how many people are being pushed in to putting all their trust in a product, spending their hard earned money, just to be lied to. What makes it worse, when the product doesn’t work, or they get fed up because it isn’t truly an “easy solution” or even a real solution at all, they give up on ever trying to lose weight or get healthy. The self-esteem goes down the toilet. In business, this this often referred to as “pimp” or “low-ball” marketing. It is my goal in life to reach as many people as possible, remove the blinders, help victims pick up the pieces and learn to truly love theirselves again, and warn those who have yet to fall into the trap.
We all want things to help make our lives easier and more efficient, but sometimes its hard to distinguish whether or not we’re headed in the right direction. This is where faith comes in, but not faith alone. We also have to do our part in getting smart enough to know when something seems off. Do your research, and be a smart consumer..and for goodness’ sake, don’t be afraid to ask questions!! Chances are, if the offer only stands “right now”, or you’re constantly being harassed that you’re missing out on the best decision of your life if you don’t act now before thinking, it’s probably a lie. Stop, think about it, and just say no to pimp marketing!
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So, you really do want to live a healthier lifestyle, but don’t know where to start, or how to fill in the gaps of information you may be missing.. Everyday new classes and “experts” are popping up all over social media, can you trust what they’re saying? Are their tequniques/products safe? How about supplements; which brands are safe to consume? Are high-impact or low-impact exercises better suited for your needs, and what are they? What kinds of questions should I be asking my health-care provider?
I have spent months looking for a common-ground beginning point to steer people in the right direction, and I’ve gathered up my best resources. For 30 days I can walk you through, step-by-step to learn the basics and find answers to the important questions that some companies don’t want you to know. No more struggling trying to guess your way through. Knowledge is power; you don’t have to stay in the dark. Let’s get started now!
With love,
Miranda Contreras-Bulgin
Miranda Contreras-Bulgin