What feeds you?

Are you a passion driven optimist headed for success in your life, or are you drowning deep in negativity desperately swimming just to get air? Chances are, if you’re drowning, you’re somewhere along the line engulfed in drama. Whoa, nothing to be ashamed of. It’s an easy trap to fall into. Realize though, that if you want to be successful and you’re absolute best, it’s time to let go.  Feeding off of negativity will only keep you spinning in circles, eventually on a downward spiral further and further away from your goals, and chances of success. So, cut the ties to drama and take out the garbage.

Cleaning out the closet..

Sometimes getting rid of drama can be tricky. Unfortunately, negativity tends to spread much faster than anything positive. Think about it. Social media.. The news.. “Did you see what this person did?!” “Oh my, look at what they’re doing now.” This is where your personal “guard wall” comes in, like the firewall on your computer. Don’t let the negativity get to you, only let the positive in. You have to let the negativity and drama go; better yet, ignore it. When people come to you with gossip, let it stop at you. For goodness’ sake, don’t keep it going. Strive to always look for the good in situations, and think positive. You’ll be much happier. Drama takes too much of your precious time and energy. How on earth do you expect to focus with all that nonsense clouding your brain? You can’t. Stay on the up-side to be productive.

So you do your best to always think positive, look for the good in every situation, but there is still nagging and negativity swirling around in your environment. So now what?

If you’re doing your best to stay away from drama, but the people around you keep bringing it around, it may be time to face the hard reality: time to get new friends.  You can’t expect to jump off the ground when the shoes you have on are glued to the floor. Don’t let negative people keep you down.

It isn’t always easy to ‘clean out the closet’, but if you want success bad enough, you’ll have to. Listen, read, and watch positive and uplifting things. Surround yourself with positive people. Train yourself to be optimistic. In the long run, you’ll have less stress, more motivation, and more time for things like exercise (which is a great, positive way to take out frustration, by the way).

Feed yourself with positive, uplifting love and energy. You are worth it!


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