Your heart doesn’t know what your feet are jump in! Ditch your boring workout.

Feel like you can’t keep up or your feet can’t keep up with your heart?
Dance at Home
Isn’t it time you quit worrying about feeling like a “newbie” in that dace-fitness class?
IMAGINE…confidently walking into a dance-fitness class for the first time, knowing what to expect, how to quickly dissect the moves, & keep up with your heart. Give me 50 minutes and I can help you get there!

I understand, I’ve been there too… That very first dance-fitness class experience. Walking in so unsure, not knowing a single person, having no idea what to expect. By the time the music starts your heart is already beating so fast; who needs a warm up?! With the adrenaline rush, every song (slow or not) feels like 180 beats per minute. “How can I even begin to keep up, or even register what moves to follow- wow, that instructor can move- can I even do that?!”  Despite the sensory overload, the exhilarating experience gives you the strong desire to learn more, & truly let loose to be yourself. It seems like so much fun, but is it really for everyone?

An instructor of many years, I’m here to tell you that it is for everyone. If you still have your doubts, read my newly released book, Surviving Your First Dance-Fitness Class. I’ve made it my mission to make that first class experience a whole lot easier; so you can get to the most important part of the class- having fun!

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In this video course, I’ll give you the “behind the scenes” basics foundation that no one else is talking about. It’s so much easier to start at the beginning; basic concepts floating on simple & easy moves. Walk in to your new dance-fitness class without needing to know the routines ahead of time.

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  • Very simple dance moves most commonly used (foundation) in dance-fitness classes, line dances, etc.
  • Variations of simple movements
  • How to pick out simple moves in choreography
  • The “secret” behind catching on to new moves/choreography quickly and easily
  • What to do if your unable to perform certain movements (modification techniques)
  • and more…


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Let’s get Started!!

Dance Prep video course with Miranda



Leave the fear behind. Join me today and prepare for your first dance-fitness class. The fun is waiting!

Note: This course is the “next step” to the book, Surviving Your First Dance-Fitness Class. To get the most out of this course, I recommend that you read the book first.Disclaimer: Every effort has been made to represent this program and it’s potential. It is in no way intended to be, or take the place of, medical advice. Always check with your doctor before beginning an exercise program.