Every. Step. Counts. 

As I sit here reflecting on 2019, I’m truly blown away at how amazing this year has been! Some of my biggest dreams have come true, I’ve reached & surpassed many goals, & I’ve learned SSOOO much! I’m so thankful & feel so blessed for all of it..and so thankful for you! All the support & good wishes mean so much. And let me just say..I know how hard it is to reach for achievement & to fight for your dreams. I know how frustrating it is to feel like you’re working SO HARD, but getting nowhere, or like you’re just spinning your wheels. I know what it feels like to think your dreams are impossible, not meant for you, or just too far away. Let me tell you that’s not true. If anything, let my story be a little light of hope for you..if I can do it, SO CAN YOU.

Many people have been asking what I’m doing now, or why I’ve been traveling so much.. Now that I’m able to share, I’m so excited to be able to share the news with you!

At the beginning of 2019, I was selected as a candidate for a new position that was opening up in the Zumba® world. I had applied to be what’s called a Zumba® Jammer (ZJ™), for the Bellydance Rhythm. Zumba® Instructors learn a variety of rhythms to teach in their Zumba® Classes. Zumba® Jammers provide continuing education workshops for Zumba® instructors that include class-ready choreography. Session types are either choreography, rhythm specific, or specialty specific (such as Aqua Zumba® or Zumba® Toning). As a candidate, I went through a couple months of intense training & feedback -wow, did I learn a lot!! I was nervous, excited, you name it..I think I went through just about every emotion in the book those few months..and I waited.. But finally, my answer came. I MADE IT!! A huge dream that I had worked toward for YEARS!! And as a brand new session type- Bellydance!! I was selected! There are currently 4 of us (Bellydance Zumba® Jammers) in the world- USA, Canada, Italy, & Germany- and you guessed it..I’m the one representing the USA! I’m now traveling around the country on weekends providing Jam Sessions & meeting so many amazing Zumba® Instructors. I LOVE MY JOB!! It’s the best feeling ever to help instructors feel more confident in a rhythm that many people find difficult, and in a way that makes the rhythm fun for their students.

I even recently had the privilege to work with some wonderful people from Zumba® Home Office & participate in a special project. While I can’t share details, I will say that it was an absolute honor & I learned SO MUCH from that experience. What a blessing..

But I will tell you..as mentioned earlier..it took me YEARS to get here. Hard work, sweat, tears, disappointments, trying again (and again..and AGAIN), & never giving up..physically, or mentally. And now that I’m here, the work is not done; it’s only just beginning. I guess some think that once you’ve “made it” and reached a goal that the work is over.. Far from it. Even more has to be done to keep going. Becoming a Zumba® Jammer wasn’t just some over night miracle dream come true. Some also think that to have a dream come true, you just got lucky. Also not true. A few years earlier, I had applied to be a “Choreo” Jammer, and didn’t get picked to even be a candidate. After it was too late & passed the deadline, I found out that I was missing a key video in the application. I also applied for many, many contests and other opportunities. Fail, Fail, Fail. With those opportunities being so few and far in between, I even sometimes wondered if it just wasn’t meant for me.. Ever been there? It feels like everyone around you is reaching their goals and moving forward while you feel like you aren’t getting anywhere, or even going backwards at times. But let me tell you: EVERY. STEP. COUNTS. Every hour working or practicing, every application, every video, every audition, every tryout, every class taught & taken, every post, every book read, every event, every failure, every re-try, every start over, every tiny step, every ounce of effort- it all adds up. All of it.

When you have a dream or a goal, feel passionate about it, never stop working for it. Be relentless in pursuing it. The difference in those who make it & those who don’t, is that the ones who “make it” never gave up. With each failure or set back, you don’t dwell on it, you get back up and try again..and again..and again. Sure, it hurts & it’s frustrating. Trust me on this though..each step you take moving forward, no matter how small, is preparing the way for you to get to your goals. Each and every step. It may take months, it may take years..but if you never give up, you’ll one day wake up (when you least expect it) & realize you’ve reached your goal(s). Trust me, if I can do it, that small town girl from the midwest, SO CAN YOU. I believe in you!

So, going into 2020, I’m going to hit the ground running..I already am for a finale finish to 2019. Are you? It doesn’t matter how your year went..2020 is a fresh new start, a new decade, and your dreams are waiting for you. Are you going to answer the call & reach for them? I dare you. GO FOR IT!

Looking forward to spending 2020 with you!!



Miranda Contreras-Bulgin