Get that in class Zumba® party feeling at home!

While group fitness classes at the gym may be closed, online classes are open! Let me introduce you to Zumba®’s brand new game changing virtual studio service, ZIN Studio™.

While the ever-changing challenges with the current COVID-19 pandemic continue to rise, our patience to keep a quarantine lifestyle is wearing thin. I’m right there with you. Some days, success is just keeping from going bonkers. Thankfully, you don’t have to sacrifice a healthy lifestyle by choosing to spend most of your time at home. Kiss that extra quarantine weight, and blues, good-bye!

Now, you have multiple options -right from home- to keep on movin’! Make the living room your dance floor, and join me for a get-fit happy hour!!

First, if you weren’t aware, you can join me LIVE in my weekly virtual Zumba® classes (via the Zoom app). While most live classes are in the evenings (6:30pm CDT Mon, Wed), keep an eye on the schedule for additional pop-up classes and events!

And now..drum roll please.. Introducing pre-recorded Zumba® Classes with me on ZIN Studio™!! What does that mean for you? Catch many more class times, AND a five hour window viewing time– pick the class time that works best for you! Can’t make it to the live virtual class, but have time at 9am? Catch the pre-recorded class available from 8am-1pm. No app required! Select the class you’d like to take & BOOM! Dance party on when you’re ready!!

To celebrate, try a pre-recorded class for FREE now through June 30th. Why be moody when you can shake your booty? 😉

Claim your spot in a virtual Zumba® Class at (live &/or pre-recorded).
You can also view all available weekly virtual classes (dance & fitness) here at…current-classes-via-livestream/. Both sites are updated weekly so you have the most up-to-date class schedules.


(Note: you can register for virtual Zumba® classes with Miranda on either site. All other virtual classes, such as Bellydance or BodySculpt via Zoom, must be purchased from