The one thing you DON’T want to forget this year..

Be Kind to Yourself

This is the time of year for reflection. We think about what we’re thankful for, generosity, & kindness. However, there’s often one major thing people tend to forget. They seem to completely forget about their self.  While selflessness can be a great practice to protect ourselves from an over-inflated ego & selfishness, don’t push it to the point of self-neglect.

We’ve all heard the saying, “you can’t pour from an empty cup.”  So this year, while you reflect on kindness toward others, don’t forget kindness for yourself. Even if that means making the hard decision to step back from certain people or situations, and love from a distance. It takes more to take a step back & remove yourself from toxic situations than it does to allow yourself to be fuel for the fire. You wouldn’t hang around people with the flu 24/7, so why would you stay around negativity being vomited all around you? There comes a point where a personal decision to be optimistic isn’t enough. This year, make a commitment to surround yourself with people who’ll lift you up on your dark days, & bring out the best in you.

Secondly, don’t forget self-love. You were perfectly & uniquely created by God, and you bless the world with your individual talents & personality. Speak life and kindness over yourself. You can’t expect positive results when you say one thing but believe another. Look in the mirror, say you love yourself, and mean it. For all you do and accomplish, even the simplest of tasks, you deserve a thank you & kindness toward yourself. What is that you listen or watch to stay inspired & motivated? Make the decision this year to feed your mind & grow as a person, in self-love every day. There’s always something to be learned, so don’t hold yourself back. You are just as important as every other person on your list. Never forget that. 🙂

With Love,

Miranda Contreras-Bulgin