Having a hard time staying focused and productive now that you’re working from home? It can be even more challenging if you’re now also a homeschool parent, have a spouse also working from home, the phone constantly ringing, and that never ending housework waiting for you.
Here are a 6 tips that have helped me when I work from home:
1. Set up a designated area for work only. This could be a room, a certain desk or table, a certain space or chair. By only using the space for work, your brain will automatically associate “work time” when you enter that space.
2. Turn your phone on “do not disturb” for all unnecessary calls & texts, and set a timer. The duration could be for 20 min, 30 min, 45 min, etc. During the timer countdown, only focus on the work task(s) at hand. No distractions. Schedule several of these per day, as needed.
3. Get ready for work as you would when you go to the office. Sometimes staying in PJ’s can keep us from feeling like working. Try to keep your get-ready routine & dress for work to feel up to working.
4. If you’re now a homeschool parent, plan activities/lessons that don’t require much assistance during set work times, such as that 20 min work timer period. What has worked well for us is apps/websites such as ABC Mouse, Adventure Academy, Anywhere Teacher, Jump Start & Osmo.
5. Don’t mix housework time with work time. Not to say you can’t toss in a load of laundry during your break, but as tempting as it may be to keep going, don’t let housework bleed into your work time.
6. Lastly, there’s no “one method works for all” when working from home. Don’t be afraid to ditch the 9-5 mentality and try something new. Find what works best to help you stay productive!
Have any additional “work from home” tips?! Post them below in the comments!!