Whether losing weight, starting a new exercise program, a new job, starting a business, etc. It is important to have some kind of a support system. This can be friends, family, or support from a trainer, mentor, coach, etc. of course, the more support the better.

Some things to take into consideration..

Realize though that people are people. They aren’t in your shoes.
Listen to what they have to say, sort through the information in your head, take it into consideration, and decide for yourself. Is what they’re suggesting something positive that can build you up? Does it concern your well-being? Who is the person telling you (are they “qualified” to give you this particular information)?

Ways to deal with being let down.

No one is perfect. While you are the one with the challenge, you have to be ready at all times, even when standing alone. Every person has their own life of dreams, challenges & agendas. Sometimes it’s hard to always be there for the dreams, challenges & agendas of others. Sometimes we get distracted, or may not agree. Same goes for the way others see us. Know that a person cannot change only because you want them to, they must have their own desire to change as well. This means that if someone cannot support you because that’s part of who they are, we can’t force them to change. We must accept others for who they are, and stay strong for ourselves. Everything we need to be successful is already inside of us. We just have to find our determination, and surround ourselves with that positive energy, and find positive, supportive people.

How much support can you expect out of a person?

This answer of course depends on who you’re referring to, as this could be many different levels. However, with everyone, Respect limitations and understand you aren’t the only one on the world facing a challenge. It may be hard for others to always be there for you if they are struggling with their own challenges, or also working with multiple people (such as if you’re working with a professional who has many clients).
It is important to be able to learn to be self-sufficient & find what we need as much as we can, using the support from others when we need it most.

Benefits of a support system

Having a support “team” is a great motivation tool, and good for self-esteem. It can also make goals more fun, especially if your support team includes people with the same goals. Support systems are great for exchanging ideas and giving encouragement.

Your support team could be made up of family, friends, professionals, or a combination of these. Know that Studio MB always supports you and your goals!