Don’t keep wasting precious time staying “stuck” or wondering why something didn’t work out.

We truly aren’t ever “stuck”. Maybe at a crossroad where a tough decision needs to be made, or where we lack knowledge of available options, or where we have too many options available. Feeling stuck is a state of mind. Just the act of thinking, “I have no options” will convince your brain not to look for any. Too often we get hung up on what didn’t work, bummed that (fill in the blank) didn’t work out, or that we failed. Sometimes we’re so determined about this one option, or one thing/way we’ve been doing as if it’s the only way, and we get caught in a spinning cycle on repeat, or even come to a complete standstill.

Being “stuck” is really masked indecisiveness, or choosing not to look for/accept other options. ..And not making a decision is actually a decision.. it’s deciding “not to”.

So…what to do??

  1. Get over it. No, really. Let go of all the excess baggage taking up valuable time and space in your thoughts about what, why, & pity it didn’t work, the plans have to change, etc. Don’t mistake this for not working through your emotions, just don’t let this “one thing” ruin your success because you refuse to get passed it. We can’t change the past, so look forward. Remember, not having any struggles, hardships, or upsets is not reality, and doesn’t make a very good success story.
  2. Change your mindset. We have to take a step back from the situation, & later return with a more positive, creative approach. Be willing to shift your focus on what really matters, moving on. Feel like you can’t because your still to mad/upset/disappointed? Go back to number 1. I’m not saying it’s easy to do, trust me, I know first hand that many times it isn’t.. But just by practicing over and over, it will get easier to look for new/other options & make a decision. You do your best work when you’re in a more positive state with an open mind, or creative mindset. Sometimes it even helps to get outside help or input. Just make sure that it’s from a good, trustworthy source, and that the approach to the situation, or advice, comes from a positive, constructive perspective. In other words, NOT negativity, complaining, or closed mindedness. No matter how difficult it may seem, surround yourself with positive people & practice positive thinking every day. It’s okay if you struggle at first. Keep trying. Day by day, you’ll notice your mind shifting to a more positive outlook.
  3. Take action. Shift; try a new way; explore other options. If you don’t yet see any, tell yourself “I have options available, and they will come to me. When they do, I’ll be ready.” Repeat it several times each day if necessary, then go about your day. Many times the answer comes to us when & where we least expect it. Also be willing to learn new things. Education doesn’t stop when school ends; it’s just the beginning. We’re so lucky to live in a time where more information than we could ever need is available to us, right at our fingertips, thanks to the internet. Read books, or listen to the audio version. Acquiring knowledge can help you get off of the repeat cycle & headed in a better direction. If you’d rather not go at it alone, or need help find an expert, hire a mentor or coach. They’ll help you take the right steps to get moving again.

Bottom line?
You’re not stuck.. Choose to get through it, & you will. I believe in you!!



Miranda Contreras-Bulgin