Thinking about trying a Zumba® class, but have a few questions? Check below in these frequently asked questions to find out more about Zumba® with Miranda!


I have no dance experience and no rhythm. Can I still take a Zumba® class?
Sure you can! I use simple visual cues and demonstrate what to do every step of the way. Before you know it, you too will be a pro!

What kind of music can I expect to hear during class?
Since Zumba® is Latin-inspired, expect to hear primarily Latin music, some from around the world, and current and past local hits. My class playlist gradually changes over time, to not only give your body new challenges, but to also keep the experience fresh & exciting! Don’t worry, I will never change all of the songs in the playlist at once.

Where should I stand during my first class(es)?
Until you feel comfortable with the visual cues and basic movements, I highly recommend you stand as close to the front as you can, where you can completely see the instructor at all times. This helps you catch on much faster, and boosts your confidence!

Can I modify movements you teach that are too difficult for me?
Absolutely! I always want you to feel comfortable in class, and would never recommend that you to do anything that could potentially cause injury to yourself or others. Feel free to modify any of the dance movements in class to suit your needs! For example, if turns make you dizzy, march in place during each turn until we move on to the next movement. Instead of jumping, maybe you just want to raise your heels slightly off the floor, or do a squat. Do what you can to the best if your ability, comfortably. Build up your skills as you go!

What kind of shoes do you recommend I wear for Zumba® class?
I recommend comfortable athletic shoes with great support. Specific preference varies from person to person. Cross trainers, dance sneakers, or official Zumba® shoes work great! Just make sure that whatever type of shoe you choose is equipped for some impact, pivoting, and side-to-side movements.

Do we take water breaks during class?
No official break times are given, but it is extremely important that you stay hydrated during the entire class. Stopping for break time(s) causes your heart rate to drop, and because we are only together for an hour, we need you to get the most out of your work out! With that said, feel free to grab a drink any time you need one during class. You’ll often see me quickly squeeze in a drink (or big during song transitions. Also, I do my best to keep water stocked at Studio MB for anyone who may forget to bring their water. Feel free to grab a bottle if you need it!


Got questions? Post ’em below and I’ll answer! You can also contact Studio MB for more information. 🙂



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